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We believe that activity within the church cannot be restricted to worship inside the building. We like to consider ourselves as an "inside-out" church. The work of the church must include going into the community and bringing the community within the church. To these ends we organise activities which we hope and believe will serve our community. The activities include:

 - sharing our sermons - you can select a sermon to hear by clicking here to see a list;

 - weekly drop-in coffee mornings which focus on opportunities for people to share their joys and sorrows; 

 - quarterly table top sales to raise money for a variety of causes;

 - an annual "pop-up festival" called Faith al fresco;

 - art and craft exhibitions and flower festivals, from time to time; 

 - hosting the annual Bishop's Waltham Churches Lent lunch;

 - involvement in organising, together with other churches in the town, the  Good Friday Walk of Witness;

 - music concerts, including performances by the Meon Voices choir.

We donate the proceeds of some of these activities to charities which we support, including Southampton City Mission, The Meon Valley Food Bank, All We Can project, Barnabas Fund, and immediate support for emergency disasters around the world.

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